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The 12V Quick Set Inflator Compressor is a mighty beast. A small unit, it takes up almost no space yet delivers up to 150psi at 15L a minute! The 12V Quick Set Inflator Compressor has a simple 1-button design and can handle nearly any tire from passenger car to light trucks and SUVs. A built in 3-SMT LED light helps to illuminate the roadside at night and keep you and your work-space visible. The compact size of the 12V Quick Set Inflator Compressor allows you to keep one almost anywhere (in the trunk, glove box, or center console).


  • Built in DC cord and Air Hose

  • Analog easy to read dial with automatic shut-off

  • 3 Integrated SMT LED work light

  • Metal Gears in Air compressor

Wagan 12 Volt Inflator Compressor

$49.99 Regular Price
$47.49Sale Price
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